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Antonia is on two wheels for our seniors on the road

Vienna, the city of music, culture and empire. But besides these historical aspects, Vienna also knows how to offer quality and comfort to its residents. This includes services such as physical therapy. The company Heimphysio in Vienna offers exactly that: unique and individual physiotherapeutic service for seniors. A special highlight of our team is Antonia, our mobile physiotherapist, who rides her bike to her patients’ homes in sunny weather. Today we would like to introduce Antonia to you in a short interview.

An interview with Antonia, the cycling physiotherapist

Why did you decide to cycle to your patients?

Antonia: “It’s a combination of different reasons. For one, I love biking and think it’s a great way to stay in shape and help the environment. Secondly, it’s often faster and easier to get from A to B in Vienna by bike, especially considering the traffic situation and parking problems.”

Is it true that you only ride your bike in sunny weather?

Antonia: “Haha … who told you that? No, it’s not true that I only drive when the weather is nice. When it rains, I drive slower and more carefully and then put on my rain jacket and rain pants. I only take a company car if the weather is really bad or my patients are too far away.”

How do patients react to your mobile service?

Antonia: “Very positive! Many of my older patients appreciate the personal contact and the fact that I go the extra mile – or in this case, the extra kilometer – for them. It creates a special connection and a sense of appreciation.”

What makes the home visit so special?

Antonia: “Home visits allow me to treat patients in their familiar surroundings. Not only does this create a sense of comfort and security, but it also allows me to give specific advice and adjustments based on their home situation.”

Do you think your approach could inspire others in the healthcare field?

Antonia: “I hope so! At a time when sustainability and environmental protection are becoming increasingly important, I think there are many ways to integrate these principles into our work. My bike is just one small step, but it shows that you can make a difference with small changes.”

Some final thoughts?

Antonia: “I would like to encourage everyone to be open to change and new things. Whether it’s biking to work or offering mobile services to those who need them most, there are always ways to make a positive impact.”

Home physio

The individualized and personalized care that Heimphysio provides through mobile therapists like Antonia is a sign of how physical therapy in Vienna is evolving to meet the needs of its residents. With dedication, passion and a bicycle, Antonia shows how to care for health, the environment and the community at the same time. Book an appointment today

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