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Consequences of a bad balance

Poor balance can have several effects on a person’s life. Here are some possible consequences:

Falls and injuries

Disturbed balance increases the risk of falls and thus injuries. This can lead to serious injuries such as bone fractures or head injuries, especially in older people, which often lead to a significant reduction in life expectancy.

Impaired mobility

People with poor balance may have difficulty walking, standing or climbing stairs. This can lead to a reduction in mobility and affect independence in everyday life.

Impaired quality of life

The uncertainty and sense of instability caused by poor balance can lead to anxiety, worry, and decreased quality of life. Sufferers may feel unsteady and avoid activities that require balance.

Social isolation

The risk of falls and the fear of resulting consequences such as fractures and injuries can cause people to limit or avoid social activities. This can lead to social isolation and withdrawal from social interactions.

Limitation of daily activities

Poor balance can affect the ability to perform everyday tasks such as carrying objects, cooking, or personal hygiene. This can lead to a dependence on others or a restriction of lifestyle.

Balance training home visit

To counteract the above problems, balance therapy with physiotherapy home visit is important. It offers several advantages to patients. First, it allows patients to exercise in their familiar environment, which eases the transition to everyday life. This is particularly relevant for older people or people with reduced mobility. Second, the physical therapist can identify and address specific challenges and risks in the home environment. They can make adjustments to the environment and develop strategies to move safely and prevent falls. Third, the home visit allows for more individualized treatment, tailored to the patient’s unique needs and abilities. This contributes to more effective rehabilitation and increased treatment adherence. Overall, balance therapy with physical therapy home visits improves patients’ performance, self-confidence and quality of life.

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