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Professional lymphatic drainage is important for health and well-being

Lymphatic drainage therapy is a highly specialized form of manual therapy or massage that can help improve the circulation of lymphatic fluids in the body. It helps to remove toxins from the body and remove excess fluids that accumulate in certain tissues and organs. In Vienna, Austria, professional physiotherapist: s should be consulted to receive this complex and important medical treatment, as it can have dangerous effects if performed without proper guidance or care. This blog is about the benefits as well as necessity of professional lymphatic drainage performed by trained physiotherapists in Vienna, Austria.

What is lymphatic drainage?

The process of lymphatic drainage involves special light massages applied to specific areas where there are major collections of lymph nodes, such as the neck, armpits, pelvic area, abdomen, and coccyx area. These gentle touches are used to stimulate epithelial tissue, thereby clearing blockages in the lymphatic vessels so that they become unblocked and the fluids retained in these vessels are excreted through various pathways such as urination or sweating, resulting in better circulation throughout the body (MacLaren et al., 2018). This improved blood flow leads to a reduction in swelling caused by fluid retention and strengthens resistance to infection (Drukker & Brewer 2015). The procedure also stimulates white blood cell production, thereby boosting the immune response against various forms of diseases, including cancer, by activating the immune system (Kairaluoma et al., 2017; Elmesseiry et al., 2017).

Why see a professional physiotherapist?

Due to the complexity of massage, it is essential for patients seeking treatment in Vienna to consult qualified medical professionals, such as physiotherapists, who have extensive knowledge of the proper techniques that should be used in this therapeutic procedure. Therapists must strike a balance between force and gentleness when applying massage, based on individual needs, because too much pressure can lead to injury, especially if certain nerves are affected, resulting in an increased sensation of pain (Wilson Jr 2020). In addition, knowledge of anatomy, together with an understanding of the various causes of disease, contributes positively to the desired outcome for patients (Heckmaier & Sczesny-Kaiser 2013; Scholl 2011).

Risks associated with improperly performed lymphatic drainage therapy

If the lymphatic drainage technique is not properly performed by an experienced cosmetologist, there is a risk of experiencing discomfort such as deep painful cramps or acute stiffness in the affected joints after the sessions. People with pre-existing conditions, such as higher cholesterol, suffer from a slow metabolism that makes them more susceptible to fluid retention than healthy people, so incorrect treatments can lead to greater impairment. However, complications occur mainly after repeated applications, in contrast to single therapies, where no significant damage has been reported except for mild feelings of fatigue resulting from temporary stimulation of organs (Saibene et al.; 2005).


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