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Jobs for freelance physiotherapists

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Platform for physiotherapy home visits

Welcome to Heimphysio, the fastest growing platform for physiotherapy home visits in Vienna! We offer our customers a wide range of services that guarantee the highest quality and maximum comfort.

Cooperation with home physio

If you are a self-employed physical therapist, we have great opportunities for you at Heimphysio. On this page we explain why working with us is the perfect fit for you. What are the advantages of working with us, and what makes us different from other physiotherapy providers – Read more and discover why Heimphysio is the best choice for freelance physiotherapists in Vienna!

Hourly rate: €80-90
Treatment duration: 60 minutes
Preparations: No special preparations
Duration of results: Depending on the problem, repeat the treatment often necessary

Advantages of cooperation with Heimphysio

At Heimphysio, we understand how important it is for freelance physical therapists to have a job that fits your lifestyle and offers you flexible hours and locations. Therefore, our company offers numerous advantages to those who choose to cooperate with us:

Flexible working hours

At Heimphysio, we believe in offering our freelancers flexible hours so they can work around their own schedules and tasks. We understand that life as a freelancer:in can sometimes be unpredictable, which is why our team works hard to make sure we deliver on our promise to patients while giving you flexibility.

Competitive payment

We believe in compensating our physical therapist:s fairly for the outstanding service they provide. Our prices are competitive with other physical therapy providers for home visits in Vienna and reflect the quality of care provided by our team members.

Career development opportunities

At Heimphysio, we strive to provide our Physical Therapist:s with all available opportunities for professional development so they can continue to improve their skills and expand their knowledge base. From regular trainings conducted by experienced professionals in their field to workshops designed specifically for physical therapists, we ensure that each:r has access to the best resources available to help them reach their full potential as physical therapists.

Supportive team culture

As a home visit physical therapy provider based in Vienna, we understand how important it is for our employee:s to feel part of a supportive team environment while maintaining their independence as freelance physical therapists. That’s why at Heimphysio, each member of our team is valued as an individual contributor and encouraged to work together toward common goals – regardless of whether they are permanent or freelance.

Growth plan for physical therapists

In addition, unlike many other companies, we also offer a development plan for physical therapists where they are given a team of physical therapists to train and guide them with good compensation.

We can take over

Since we only employ highly qualified physiotherapists, you can be sure that in case of vacation or illness you will only be represented by experts with the appropriate experience.

What sets us apart from other providers of home visit physiotherapy in Vienna

Here at Heimphysio, we strive every day to set ourselves apart from other home visit physical therapy providers by offering exceptional services at competitive prices without compromising on quality or safety standards set by governing bodies across Europe, such as privacy certification requirements.


If you are looking for an opportunity as a freelance physiotherapist here in Vienna, Heimphysio is the right place for you! With flexible hours and competitive pay, we ensure that all members feel valued while maintaining an independent lifestyle as a freelancer:in! Plus, you know that your treatments will always be done properly, as strict training standards are imposed on every physical therapist before they begin a project.

Send an email with your current resume to [email protected].

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