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Benjamin Cremer

Mobile physiotherapist

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About Benjamin Cremer

Benjamin’s greatest inspiration is the comprehensive understanding of the human body – especially the anatomy and the recovery processes after injuries and operations. His special interest in mobile physiotherapy (home physiotherapy) stems from the possibility of treating patients’ essential problems at home and giving them more safety and mobility in their familiar surroundings.

Challenges in home physiotherapy

One of the biggest challenges in his work is the often isolated living situations of his patients, many of whom have no close family or friends. Here it becomes clear that Benjamin not only acts as a therapist, but also takes on an important social role.

Memorable moments

Benjamin finds the moments when patients make progress on their own particularly rewarding, such as standing up independently or setting new records for the distance covered with the wheelchair. He finds the gratitude shown to him in these moments particularly touching.

Work-life balance

Balancing the demands of his job is a constant challenge. Benjamin makes sure he takes regular breaks, eats well and stays active to stay healthy both physically and mentally.

Differences through home physiotherapy

Benjamin appreciates the good working conditions at Heimphysio and the flexibility that allows him to work independently and in a patient-oriented manner. For patients, this means having motivated and well-trained therapists right in their own homes who offer optimally adapted therapy.

Progress and developments

Benjamin is fascinated by the slow but significant changes in physiotherapy, especially the possible future role of physiotherapists as “first contact” without a mandatory doctor’s order. This would give physiotherapists more personal responsibility and creative freedom in their work.

Patient interaction

In order to build trust during the first home visit, Benjamin attaches great importance to engaging fully with the patient, without preconceived ideas or assessments.

Personal and professional growth

Mobile physiotherapy has shaped Benjamin in many ways. It has improved his stamina, made him weatherproof and developed him into a better organized and more energetic person.

Diverse interests

Benjamin is part of a contemporary circus collective, performs partner acrobatics and is also active as a DJ and videographer. At home, he devotes himself to DIY and the fermentation of kimchi and kombucha.

Relaxation techniques

Benjamin uses sporting activities, especially cycling between home visits, as a way of balancing out and relaxing, which helps him to clear his head and regroup.

Advice and future goals

Benjamin recommends that prospective physiotherapists experience the diversity of home visits. Although he plans to work in a practice in the future, he would like to continue making home visits one day a week and is aiming for a master’s degree in osteopathy to deepen his specialist knowledge.

Concluding thoughts

Benjamin emphasizes the importance of exercise for health and independence, regardless of the patient’s age. His work shows him every day how essential exercise is for quality of life.

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