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Patrycja Burek

Mobile Physiotherapist

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About Patrycja Burek

Patrycja Burek, a native of Poland, is a dedicated physiotherapist who combines personal experience and professional expertise in her practice. She holds a Master’s degree in physiotherapy, which she obtained in her home country.

Early experiences and career choice

Patrycja’s path to physiotherapy was strongly influenced by her early years as a competitive dancer. After achieving first place with her team at the World Championships, intensive training sessions led to strain on her knees. Her recovery, made possible by regular visits to a physiotherapist, sparked her interest in this profession. Inspired by her own experiences, she decided to help others in their healing process and joined Heimphysio to care for patients who are unable to visit a clinic on their own.

Challenges and rewards in home physiotherapy

Adapting domestic spaces into functional therapy areas is a major challenge that Patrycja meets with creativity and adaptability. The most satisfying aspect of her work is helping people with various conditions to monitor their progress, restore their functionality and experience their gratitude after therapy.

Specialist focus

Patrycja is currently immersing herself in pinotherapy, an innovative technique that uses special tools called pins to work on soft tissues through massage, acupressure and kinesiotherapy. This method aims to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, improve flexibility and promote fluid circulation.

Personal commitment and further training

Patrycja is known for her individual approach to each patient, which Heimphysio supports by emphasizing unique patient stories. Her home visits have not only developed her professionally, but have also enriched her personally. Patrycja’s commitment to lifelong learning is particularly evident in her interest in urogynecology.

Philosophy of life and health tips

Patrycja lives by the motto of never giving up and always pursuing goals. Her best health tip is to listen to your own body, because it signals when something is wrong. After long days at work, she likes to relax on an acupressure mat, which underlines her philosophy of taking care of herself.

Patrycja Burek blogs

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